2020 Marae Meeting Dates  

Sunday, 1st March
Sunday, 5th April
Sunday, 3rd May
Sunday, 7th June
Sunday, 5th July
Sunday, 2nd August
Sunday, 6th September
Sunday, 4th October
Sunday, 1st November
Sunday, 6th December

News & Updates

Te Mangungu Church And Urupa

Reverend Graham Karatau writes:
Due to almost all of our Kaumatua Kuia sadly passing on it is with great sadness that our Church Te Mangungu is no longer providing services for our people.
Our last kuia who attended services having passed on in November last year sister Patricia Durston was the last of a long line of old Maori families born bred and educated here in Turakina.
She along with the other families Rest In Peace Names that spring to mind: Waitere, Woon, Karatau, Maremare, Paki, Retter, Whakarau's and many others who now rest in the hallowed grounds of our church urupa.
Myself and Aunty Wai Murray are often the only people that attend: I as Priest; she as kaikarakia, and of course our lord Jesus Christ.
So naumai haere mai ki te Wharekarakia every third Sunday of the month.
Telephone myself on 027 6410 974.